UPS has a soul … please UPS if there's any mercy in your souls bring my wool early, I need to get some spin on

I can only assume this means that UPS actually follows my twitter

I’m as shocked as anyone else, even as I typed the title my mind is still reeling. The above capture is from my twitter feed on the 21st. I believe now that the people at UPS do indeed have souls (for now, if they lose my crap from Amazon I may once again rethink my position on the subject.)

My wool was delivered Christmas eve. I was actually able to get my spin on Christmas eve and Christmas day, which was pretty cool and made me a very happy little spinner.

brown wool long draw spinning technique


The brown wool is very fine, it’s also very freakin’ sproingy, and terribly difficult to photograph. My camera does not like it. My camera was convinced I wanted photos of the carpet, or the parts of the spinning wheel. It took a little persuasion and a few threats to talk the camera into trying to focus on the yarn, even then this was the best I could do.

I’m spinning long draw straight from the sliver and with no pre-drafting, which admittedly is an odd choice for such short stapled fiber. However, I’ve gone so long without spinning that I can’t help but take advantage of my woolly dry spell. It always felt weird to rest my left hand and control everything with my right. It’s not so weird after the hiatus though, and where long draw before was very angst inducing I’m now relaxed and accepting.


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  1. I get impatient with myself when I can’t just pick up the skills that I had many months ago and have to relearn.

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