Shetland Wool

My white BFL is supposed to be on it’s way. It was a good thing that I got paranoid after accidentally ordering from the iffy seller that I immediately found two different sellers and ordered more wool.

The first new wool on the bobbin is 4 ounces of natural moorit Shetland. I’m spinning it fine, probably not quite fine enough to knit a wedding ring shawl out of it once it’s plied, but my goal is to get enough yardage from this fiber to knit a decent sized lace shawl from it. 600 yards should be enough, so the only issue is if I can actually get that much yardage from this amount of fiber.

001I shouldn’t say the only issue is that of yardage. Time is also an issue. It always takes more time to spin up 4 ounces of fine yarn than 4 ounces of bulky and I have a new dog that needs my time and attention as well as trying to keep up with my regular routines. One of my goals is to participate in the county fair with my pieces this year, so I may have bitten off more than I can chew right out of the gate.

I’ll probably feel more positive about my choices when I feel better, I have a mild case of the sniffles right now.

I would normally complain bitterly about catching a cold at this point but I think it’s my body’s way of telling my brain that I need to rethink my approach to time management.

Time management seems to be some kind of important adult life skill doesn’t it?


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