Confession time

By the time I’ve spun up two bobbins of this:

fine natural brown wool single

The carpet under my wheel looks like this:

wool waste on carpet, this is why I keep a wondersponge handy

I have to admit, I was kind of hating myself for buying two pounds of this wool after it arrived. The only thing that kept me from truly hating myself for it is that inexpensive and less than favorite fiber makes perfect fodder for practice.

weaving on brio loomThen weaving bug bit and I dug out and warped up my little Brio loom. Turns out my (extremely ugly) practice yarn is pretty awesome woven. I enjoy spinning the stuff now that I know it has a purpose. I look at the neps and lumps and fuzz on the singles in a whole new way.

This is a 3 ply yarn, so I have one more bobbin to go before I have more of it.

My spinning skills probably haven’t improved significantly due to this wool, although my attitude towards moving out of my comfort zone has. I don’t think I had a particularly bad attitude to begin with although¬†I do recognize that I am kind of grouchy when I’m left with physical reminders that my skills are flawed.

Of course that’s counterbalanced when, after long destroying any evidence that I ever had to actually¬†learn something, I get all nostalgic and wish I’d kept some of my work that proved I had to start somewhere.

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