Actual honest to goodness yarnporn

bfl roving and fine single I would just like to take a moment and say that I love my light tent. I think I’ve done pretty well adjusting to digital photography in general but photographing textiles has it’s own very steep learning curve and having a light tent just puts the cherry on top of my yarn porn sundae.

For the sprinkles on that sundae I’m going to have to buckle down and save for some less wimpy strobes but overall I’m pretty pleased. I shouldn’t complain about the ones I currently have because they are so much better than using the little clip on desk lamps that I was using. I’ll just shut up and be happy now.

This is the first bobbin of BFL, the 2nd one is still on the wheel but I wanted to take a detail shot to demonstrate the nice deep brown color in the fiber that I love so much. Sadly, I have no idea what anyone else’s monitor is going to do to the color of this photograph but I’ve compared it on both my iPhone and my laptop and it looks right when compared to the actual fiber.

bfl roving and single on the bobbinI also love love love not having to run around the house looking for the best lighting and a decent bit of something to use as a background in order to take photographs or postponing my photography until I got one of those perfect overcast days and praying that the kids would decide not to confiscate my white poster board. The poster board drama happened way more than what could possibly be considered normal.



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