Bluefaced Leicester (again)

bluefaced leicester 2nd bobbin

I realized I have no idea how I’m going to take interesting photos of solid roving and yarn when I’m done with this stuff. I have other variegated fibers. I am not sure if this is actually a valid concern or if I’m just trying to sabotage myself. If it’s a valid concern I’ll have to bring out the solids and do some self teaching photo sessions, if it’s just me sabotaging myself I’ll have to bring that up with a mental health professional, because it’s quite the issue for me lately.

I also need to grab some canvas and rollers and paint some different backdrops. While I love my light tent, the flocked nylon backgrounds only go so far and I want to mix things up.

The second bobbin of BFL is going much faster than the first. Since it doesn’t suck to spin so much on my wheel now, I’m more prone to decide I want to spend more of my free time spinning as opposed to doing what I have been doing up to this point which has been spending my free time procrastinating and obsessing.

4 Responses to “Bluefaced Leicester (again)”

  1. Procrastinating and obsessing are probably the past times most indulged in today.

  2. BFL is really wonderful to spin and I love that you kept the variegation. I just brought back my spinning wheel and I think you may have inspired me to spin up some of this chocolate brown natural baby merino.

  3. I’m so glad. I would love to see pictures Ames.

  4. I wonder if that officially makes procrastination a hobby? Because as the mother of a teenager, I’ve also witnessed some severely creative procrastination

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