Camel down yarn

I spun three full bobbins of camel down, then plied them to create two hanks of yarn, now I’m back to spinning more bobbins so I can have more yarn. I find that if I can fill up three bobbins of singles, that gives me about 360 yards of plied yarn if I completely fill two bobbins.

I love having extra bobbins for these occasions.

If this sounds like a massive amount of spinning for a relatively short and fine fiber, it is. This is all part of my very intentional procrastination process, a special little way of not making eye contact with the boxes in my craft room that desperately need to be unpacked and sorted and stowed in some reasonable manner so I can actually use my craft room.

This is a sensible procrastination because I have absolutely nothing in the way of storage. I have no organizers. I have nothing to put things in, nothing to put things on. Nothing.

My big craft table is currently serving as the dining room table, the Rubbermaid drawers (that I hated) were adopted by my husband, I have a shelf and chest of drawers waiting to be refinished, and I’m still waiting for shelf brackets so I can put my collection of vintage crates on the walls.

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